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you've got to wake up before you fall apart

Because I didn't watch last week's Grey's till now, forgive me as I

--Bailey remains my favorite character of all time. I wish she was my fairy godmother.

--Addison, you gorgeous slut!

--Calliope Ifigenia Torres? Perfect. I love you. I wish I could have seen your wedding. And I relish that you and Addison are bff because it's so fitting in that you are that above George's "judgy" friends.

--Last scene between Burke and Christina has to be one of the best and sexiest of the season. I still wait around for their relationship because of explosions like that. You can hate Isaiah Washington, but I love Preston Burke.

--Thank you, Grey's Anatomy, for becoming even more of a soap opera with this week's Ellis Grey turn. I'm sick of it. No more family members in the hospital. On the plus side, Meredith's breakdown/retort was one of the best performances she's given, being generally a deadpan, whiny, unlikeable Ally McBeal knock-off.

--Have some compassion, Izzy.

--Damn, Kurev.

Now that I've spent that, well. There have been a lot of happy happenings in my life lately, but I feel like writing them down will jinx things, and I can't afford that. Or rather, I don't want to. Could is a cop-out word like should or ought to or must. And I don't want to cop-out of anything anymore.

The Philadelphia Story reaches into my chest and pulls me up against it by the heartstrings. Forgive me. But really. Macauley Connor. C.K. Dexter Haven. Elizabeth Imbrie; Dinah; Tracy fucking Lord!! Not to mention The True Love. I want my life to play out a little like the garden scene between Macauley Connor and Tracy Samantha Lord. And especially like Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn discussing how yar they are. It is a beautiful movie. It is maybe the best movie. I just like Hedwig and Rushmore a little more.

I haven't gone to class in far too long. And I like class. So tomorrow. Me and Earnest Hemingway on South Campus. (I read him between classes).

I am going to Tucson this weekend. Otherwise, I don't even know what to say.
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