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maybe they are joking

I hope Nick Urman isn't serious. The concept of utilitarianism is fine, but to abandon the notion of all personal expansion--indeed, to call it self-indulgent--is disgusting. Goodbye, evolution. Goodbye, point of living. And goodbye hope of solving any worldly afflictions. I am too tired and angry to write this. I have too many mean things to call him (wretched nihilistic cockroach). I've never loved Ayn Rand and I'm not explicitly endorsing her teachings, but if one does not develop on an individual level, how can there be expectation of change? Without personal motivation/inspiration, we are doomed to be ants. Obviously.

Unless you want, for example, the world to burn down and more genocides to prosper and more entire nations to starve, I recommend looking beyond giving the poor "accoutrements" and look into becoming someone strong enough to pull up the roots of poverty and heal the ground beneath. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was "self-indulgent" enough to muster the individuality it takes to lead. Had he possessed the good sense and common courtesy to just say, "Wow, who do I think I am to try to change the world in which I live--to quest for personal (and collective) happiness," this world would be an uglier place to lie low and conform. How dare you talk about deserving, Nick Urman. And how dare you attack someone for starting a movement. Are you in fact so desperate to be different--to, yes, be a non-conformist--that you're promoting this tragic swill?

There ARE things to escape--but the key word should be change. And we can't change if we don't deserve to claim ourselves for our own.
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